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You are looking for translations into French, German and English? Translations that have the same qualities and characteristics as perfectly edited original text?

In brief, you're looking for a high quality translation service. The quality we provide is achieved by meeting the following requirements:



  • a thorough education
  • several years of experience
  • a good feel for style and the subtleties of language
  • a good technical knowledge of the fields involved
  • the ability to put across complex facts in a clear, precise and appealing manner
  • the willingness to investigate the subject comprehensively for the most appropriate vocabulary and terminology
  • the ability to combine the highest accuracy in terms of content rendering with the specific linguistic and cultural features of the target language
  • and last but not least: the continuous interest in language, communication, linguistic developments and all the fascinating aspects the world has to offer.



JM FRIEDLI Services offers the excellence your documents deserve.






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